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graduate student applications

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD degree in my lab through the Ecology, Evolution and Behavior grad program at UT Austin, feel free to contact me to start a conversation. Please include your CV and research interests. The deadline for applications is December 1st 2019 (see here for more info).

I work on broad questions in animal behaviour and cognition, using bumblebees. The majority of grad student research is expected to be lab- and greenhouse-based but there is also the opportunity for fieldwork. Students will be expected to develop their own projects within the framework of general lab interests. Support will be provided by a combination of research and teaching assistantships, which cover tuition and salary (including summer salary).

The Department of Integrative Biology and EEB grad program are top-ranked, with particular strengths in animal behaviour, evolution and ecology. To find out more about the EEB grad program, see:


There are lots of opportunities for undergraduates to volunteer or work for credit in lab. If you are interested please download this form, fill it out and email it to me.